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Big poker tournaments

September 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Tournaments, especially larger events, are one of the most exciting, edge-of-your seat ways to play poker. While players of all budgets and experience levels enter tournaments online and in life, there are many common strategy mistakes made by almost everyone.

Many players, both rookie and veteran, will approach tournaments with the same strategy of a cash game. Big mistake. In tournaments, especially when a lot of people enter, you need to divert your attention away from the pot and more towards the chips you actually hold. Tournaments are all about survival; once your chips go, so do you, along with any chance of bringing a prize home.

In a lot of ways, poker tournaments are like being a kid at a large fairground. When you first arrive your pockets are bursting with money, and you can ride whatever you want without really thinking about it. As the day goes on, you’ll slowly but surely have less and less money, and maybe make a few hasty decisions when it’s getting close to closing time. Just remember to keep your head, and see the bigger picture.

While you’ll figure out your own strategy and patterns in tournaments, the general rule for approaching it is to play as tight as possible, then loosen up the further you make it. By conserving your chips for stronger hands, or simply when the competition has thinned out, your chances of winning will improve greatly.

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