5 Most common poker variants

September 14th, 2015

Texas Hold ’em

This variant is played in the world series of poker, and is by far the most commonly played form of poker in the western world. In this variation, the players are dealt two “pocket cards”, and must use them to form hands out of five commonly owned cards.


A development inspired by hold ’em, there are four rounds of betting, except that each player is dealt four pocket cards, and the common cards are all revealed at the same time. Players must make the strongest possible hand with two of their pocket cards and three communal ones.

5-card draw

There are no common cards in this variant, and after the initial round of betting everyone may trade up to three cards in their hand for different ones.

7-card stud

Similar to the format of 5-card draw, every player is dealt seven cards, has two opportunities to trade in up to three cards. At the end of the round they must discard two of their cards to form the strongest possible hand.

High/Low Chicago

This is a stud variant which can be played aiming for the strongest or weakest hand.In the “high” variant, the player with the highest spade face-down wins the pot, whereas in “low” the lowest face-down spade wins.