Poker today

September 14th, 2015

Poker is a completely different game compared to the one it was ten years ago. With the rise and influence of online poker, and various changes to the tournament circuit, older players everywhere are either embracing the new game gracefully or turning away from it altogether.

One of the big developments is the popularity of re-entry tournaments. The very term “re-entry tournament” would probably be scoffed at in all poker circles a decade or two ago, but now they’re becoming more and more common. This is one of the things that’s getting poker purists angry, especially those who have become very accustomed to buying in at the first hand, then either making it far enough or going bust.

On the topic of tournaments, there’s also a growing trend of players entering at whatever stage they like. You won’t find a lot of players who have a problem with registration being open for one or two levels, or re-buy periods for that matter, but there are countless tournaments now, both live and online, which allow new players to jump in at level 8 or 10!


One of the biggest complaints throughout the online poker community has been the rise of “deep stack events”. In these, the blinds go up in a steady gradient, or all it once at the start of level 4 or 5. The results are no different to a standard stack, but many people are drawn in by the buy-in to chip ratio.